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Ventilation systems can help reduce the oppressive atmosphere created by hot, stuffy working conditions. The introduction of fresh air and the subsequent removal of energy and airborne contaminants created by equipment/machinery and manufacturing processes, can greatly contribute towards a more productive workforce and is an essential part of providing a comfortable working environment.

It is important that an extract ventilation system is balanced by an input or make-up air system to maintain the displaced extract air.

Target Ventilation systems provide a cooling 'effect' by directing tempered fresh air to areas that operatives occupy frequently, providing temporary respite from the uncomfortable surrounding areas.

Natural ventilation systems achieve ventilation by taking advantage of the natural convection currents created by air at different temperatures, and is widely used for office buildings. Its uses for commercial and industrial applications are extremely limited, as mechanical assistance is required to move the air through a ducted system.

Ventilation System Features:

Improved environmental conditions.
Introduction of fresh air increases oxygen levels and reduces CO2 levels.
Dilution/Removal of airborne contaminants. (fumes, smoke, odours, dusts…)
Can be targeted to provide temporary respite.
Make up air input to balance extract.
Contributes to the welfare of your workforce.

Kitchen Ventilation

It is a common misconception that a kitchen extract system is an 'optional' facility, often considered as a non-productive element of a catering establishment. The reality is that a well designed system can reduce the risk of fire, improve general health and hygiene, and reduce the health risks to kitchen operatives.

We can provide system design and installation to client exact specifications and can work alongside local authorities to ensure that your extract system complies to current regulations.


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